Play by ear better

Overcome difficulties with ear training and learn proven techniques to identify chords and melodies in real time so you can relax and enjoy making music. Never abstract, the course stays grounded in musical practice and joy.

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Holistic Ear Training for Busy People

Music is easier when you have great ears.

It’s that simple.

Learn Music Faster

Music is a hearing art, so knowing what you hear as you hear it speeds up everything. You will be able to apply what you hear and imagine to an instrument, notation, a computer, or even your own voice with new speed and ease.

Have More Fun Making Music

For many people, making music is fraught with confusing and unease. They don’t know what to play, they get lost, and have trouble interacting with other musicians. As your ability to play by ear improves, all these difficulties melt away.

Remember Music Longer

The more you use your ears to make music, the deeper that music places itself in your memory. It becomes less abstract and obscured by symbolic thinking. So, when you want to remember how to play something you haven’t played for a long time, it’s there for you!

Nurture the reasons you make music in the first place.


Does ear training feel like a chore, disconnected from the music you love?
Holistic Ear Training mixes an attitude of lightness and enjoyment to learning music by ear.


Does all the effort making music requires fill you with tension? Do you feel confused when you try to play something by ear?
Holistic Ear Training brings ease to your music making.


Have you tried ear training exercises that were lifeless drills? Holistic ear training connects your unique brilliance to your music learning.


Do you love to listen to music and wish that you understood more of what you heard in real time?
Holistic Ear Training brings vivid clarity to all the music you listen to and play.

Meet your teacher: Hans Indigo Spencer

Long ago, the Boston Globe tagged me a “master composer” for my work with my band The Indigo Invention Group. Since working with that group and Boston’s Jazz Composer’s Alliance, I have written music for choreographers, theater directors, and television producers.

 I thrive on collaboration, able to write in pretty much any style and sound palette you throw at me. My work composing scores for documentaries and animation can be heard on networks including Discovery, Nat Geo, History and PBS. 

My original scores for Portland Stage’s productions of “A Christmas Carol” and “The Snow Queen” live in their archives along with live production footage. I’ve also live-scored hundreds of short-form improvisation theater and educational performances. I love to compose, improvise, and collaborate. And I’ve done it a lot.



Learn at your own pace

Conditioning your ear takes time and care. You don’t want to rush it. When you go steadily at your own pace, your learning will be secure and your music will flow easily.

Holistic Ear Training for Busy People

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  • 30+ Video Lessons
  • 30 Daily Audio Practice Sessions
  • 1x/week Live Sessions
  • FREE community forum and support
  • 45-day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

You have lifetime access to this version of the course! You can continue to practice and learn for as long as you like without additional cost. After 6 months, there will be a monthly subscription for community access.

Absolutely! Less than 3% of people are truly tone deaf, suffering from a disorder called amusia.  It is more likely that you have faced discouragement or exclusion in singing and could use help connecting your voice to your ear.  Holistic Ear Training has a few special lessons to help you do just that!

Yes! In fact, many aspects of Holistic Ear Training are designed to be done away from an instrument, or with minimal accompaniment  like holding one note on a keyboard or guitar. But even for those instances, the course comes with some pre-recorded audio to serve that purpose.

Most definitely! Holistic Ear Training intentionally separates notation and instrumental playing from listening skills. We emphasize shifting your mental energy away from your eyes and to your ears, mind, and heart.  I have created a visual model that is literally easy on the eyes so you can focus on sound.