Holistic Ear Training

for Busy People


  • Discover the step-by-by step method to use music you’ve always loved to develop razor sharp musical ears.
  • Participate using the method on a well-known, extremely simple song.
  • Learn what makes Holistic Ear Training so much more fun, engaging, and musical than other ear training methods.
  • Take away exercises you can apply immediately to any music that you love to listen to.
  • Witness the power, beauty, and interconnectedness of your own personal musical style.

Holistic Ear Training Principles:

  • The music you listen to and have loved your whole life is the key to developing a great musical ear.
  • Preparing the unconscious by listening emotionally wires us to effortlessly recognize musical patterns.
  • Musical elements learned in context, connected to real music, shine with relevance.
  • Practicing ear training in real-time musical situations increases our motivation and supports our love of music making.

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30+ Video Lessons walking you step-by-step through improving y

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Holistic Ear Training in a Nutshell:

  1. Listen to and sing a model piece of music that prominently contains an element that you are focusing on. For example, we begin with nailing down the pattern do-re-mi, which you find in more music than you might think.
  2. Learn how the new element (aka do-re-mi) is featured in the model.
  3. Practice recognizing the new element in other musical contexts in real time.
  4. Seek that element in music that you love.
  5. Practice extracting that and other elements from music you love.
  6. Repeat.

Holistic Ear Training for Busy People


  • 30+ Video Lessons
  • Progressive Daily Audio Practice Sessions
  • 1x/week Live Sessions
  • FREE community forum and support
  • 45-day money back guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have lifetime access to this version of the course! You can continue to practice and learn for as long as you like without additional cost. After 6 months, there will be a monthly subscription for community access.

Absolutely! Less than 3% of people are truly tone deaf, suffering from a disorder called amusia.  It is more likely that you have faced discouragement or exclusion in singing and could use help connecting your voice to your ear.  Holistic Ear Training has a few special lessons to help you do just that!

Yes! In fact, many aspects of Holistic Ear Training are designed to be done away from an instrument, or with minimal accompaniment  like holding one note on a keyboard or guitar. But even for those instances, the course comes with some pre-recorded audio to serve that purpose.

Most definitely! Holistic Ear Training intentionally separates notation and instrumental playing from listening skills. We emphasize shifting your mental energy away from your eyes and to your ears, mind, and heart.  I have created a visual model that is literally easy on the eyes so you can focus on sound.