Holistic Ear Training Workshop

Here’s the replay from the August 11 workshop!

  • The music you love is the key to developing a great musical ear.
  • Preparing the unconscious by listening emotionally wires us to effortlessly recognize musical patterns.
  • Musical elements learned in context from real music shine with relevance.
  • Practicing ear training in real-time musical situations increases our motivation and supports our love of music making.

What You’ll Get from The Full Course

  • Discover the step-by-by step method to use music you’ve always loved to develop razor sharp musical ears.
  • Participate using the method on a well-known, extremely simple song.
  • Learn what makes Holistic Ear Training so much more fun, engaging, and effective than other ear training methods.
  • Daily Practices that gradually build your skill from beginner on up.
  • Witness the power, beauty, and interconnectedness of your own personal musical style.

What You’ll Learn in the Full Course

  • How to pull key elements out of music you already know.
  • How to use those elements to improve your ear and listening skills
  • How to practice that music to mastery, no matter what your instrument or skill level.
  • How to repeat the process for consistent improvement over time


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